Sunday, 28 August 2011

Inertia East Coast Tour Blog 1

So, we arrived in New York on the 23rd August.. stayed 2 days in Long Island City in preparation, met up with our guitarist for this tour, Gabriel Shaw from Boston.  Then we got extremely drunk in a Cafe 31 opposite Madison Square Garden.  Crazy thing is we only popped in there for a drink after walking about half Manhattan island that day!

Started off with Myself, Alexys and Andrew.. then we were joined by Xian from the band Eisdrive and his wife, then Athan (our booking agent and singer from Spahn Ranch/Black tape for a blue girl) and Gabe.. we got trashed!!

Next morning for our first show in Pittsburgh, we took the 7 hour drive West and had a great gig at the 31st Street pub!
Much thanks to Jim Semonik, who put the show on and was extremely welcoming.  Noitekk band, Die Sektor were also on the bill.

We also meet the Bella Morte guys., who seem really fun!

At this point we are hearing rumours of Hurricane Irene hitting the East Coast..  we watch the news and check out the potential areas to be hit and GREAT. it is to hit all the cities on our tour!

Anyway.. we take the 10 hour drive to Providence, Rhode Island.  Get there.. we a have a nice hotel and the venue is stlll setting up..  no stage, but adequate PA being set up..

We meet the Synthetic Division guys, who will be with us for he next few shows.. cool guys.

Unfortunately, this was a new venue and the crew and management have obviously never done something like this before..  The sound engineer did his best, but had no idea about sound.. period.

Gig goes ahead and we end up all playing through the in house system.. normally reserved to play background music in the pub.. not ideal, but all three bands did a kick ass job!

We are now hearing that Hurricane Irene is heading to Rhode Island, so we leave the next morning, heading North to Manchester, New Hampshire.

We also hear that our Boston show has been cancelled for Sunday, as Irene will be hitting the city that day..  sucks as this was a very important show for us.  We haven't played Boston for 9 years!!

We get to Manchester early so decide to book 2 nights in a hotel, as we now have a spare day.. plus we want to wait the storm out up here..

Gig in Manchester goes well..  excellent sets by all 3 bands, great treatment by the promoter and venue staff..

Wake up this morning and we are glad to hear that the hurricane has been downgraded to a tropical storm.

Raining consistently here now as the storm is above us.. but easy to deal with.

Another day here then next stop.. New York.